Feeling Classy @ RN74

Tonight was a bit expensive. Wine tastings were about twice as expensive as what we are used to in San Francisco. Very decent wine menu, although not that many choices from California. France was king.

Details at RN74 are important. Menus folded in red leather, modern wood furniture, carefully picked and matching color tones around you. With no surprise, the aesthetics of the plate is given high importance. And no disappointment, what the plate offers reflects its image: delicate and delicious.

In other words: pricey, classy, but yummy.


Classy @ Rn74, SF

Classy @ Rn74, SF


Riesling, Tatomer ‘kick-on-ranch’ Santa Barbara 2008 (white)

  • nose: noticeable petroleum, nice citric acidity, pineapple
  • flavor of some alcohol flambee on mid-palate
  • fresh and smooth finish, charming, even teasing
  • 3/5 (strong)

Chardonnay, Parr ‘Charles Heintz’ Cuvee Rn74, Sonoma Coast 2008 (white)

  • full of oak, herbaceous
  • quickly syrupy in mouth
  • sugar stays
  • 2/5

Gamay, Thivin Cotes-de-Brouilly, Beaujolais 1993 (red)

  • earthy muddy, caramelized sugar
  • tastes velvet, blueberry jam
  • earthy and sweet finish
  • 4/5. Quite something to realize this juice is 17 years old!

Syrah, Copain Tous Ensemble, Anderson Valley 2007 (red)

  • chocolate on the nose
  • very sweet blueberry jam
  • 3/5
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