Our Kickstarter project just launched!

We’ve done our punch-downs during the last few days and now we’re ready to put it into barrel. Our Kickstarter trailer is ready. Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Kickstarter is a web site to help projects find fans and raise money. Hopefully it will help us spread the word about our documentary. The idea is that people can pledge a certain amount of money to any project that they believe in. If enough people contribute and the fund-raising goal is reached, the money is transfered to the entrepreneurs (that’s us!). If the goal is not reached, the entrepreneurs don’t get any money and the ones who pledged money don’t lose a dime. It’s an all-or-nothing scenario.

We set our fund-raising goal at 1000$. That bit of extra money would help us to get out to the wine country a little more. More money would help with expenses like the renting of a car and the purchase of extra audio/video equipment. Quite expectedly, we busted our initial budget for this project a long time ago so we are very open to outside investment…

If you like our project, help us out, and back us up!

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