A visit to Littorai

Before Christmas I paid a visit to one of the greats from the California winemaking community. Indeed, in the course of our project, we got to know Ted Lemon as a highly-respected winemaker who has been making a wine of terroir for several years. So I was eager to ask him a few questions on the topic.

It was actually my second visit to Littorai and I was surprised how different the landscape looked like compared to my first visit one month earlier. Almost no more leaves were left in the vines, and the color of the grass was a very vivid, saturated green. As if it were summertime, but for the grass only.

Ted and I decided to do the interview in the winery near the cellar, in front of tall wooden fermenter vats. Very high ceiling, lots of space. It was a good backdrop, but that unfortunately led to lots of echo. See below for an excerpt of the interview.

This was a very interesting interview and it reminded me of our discussions with the NPA guys. They all share a rigor for the terms they use in their explanations, and you can see that they have thoroughly analyzed all aspects of their craft. And further, they share a genuine passion in making a wine from a particular spot, a specific place.

That was a very interesting visit to Littorai, thanks to Ted Lemon!

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