A visit to Terroir

Shortly before Christmas, I paid a visit to Terroir in Soma, San Francisco. Terroir is an incredibly nice natural wine shop. And an incredibly nice natural wine bar. The kind of ambiance to enjoy with a date, or just to have a good chill-out moment with friends after work. Modern and classy without pretentious undertones.

Dagan Ministero, one of the owners, certainly is a party animal with a flair for business, but he is also passionate about what he does for a living. He is very knowledgeable about wine and was among the pioneers of the natural wine movement in America. As a matter of fact, he and his partners opened the very first shop specializing in natural wine in North America 3 years ago.

How is the natural wine movement evolving according to him? If you don’t mind the loud cellar fan in the background, you can find out by watching this interview excerpt:

A great afternoon that was. Thanks Dagan.

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