Saturday night @ Pizzeria Delfina

Yesterday we wandered around Dolores Park before going to the Bi-Rite market. Bi-Rite was recommended to us multiple times as a good place to buy natural wine and so we finally decided to go and check it out for ourselves.

They do have a nice selection of natural wine and we recognized a lot of the bottles from the vignerons we interviewed. We grabbed a Grenache 2007 from Grant Eddie and walked a few steps down the block to pizzeria Delfina. That restaurant had been on our list of places to go for a while, mostly because we knew they had participated in the natural wine week a few months ago.

They seated us on a tiny little table by the sidewalk underneath the heaters — nice and warm. We had amazing pizzas and the wine was great pairing. It was not too expensive either. We’ll go back for sure.

Grant Eddie Grenache 2007

  • a taste of redcurrants, medium-bodied and still sweet, syrupy
  • 3/5 (Matt says 3+)
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