Fundraising @ Heart

As you probably know, the film is currently in post-production. I, Martin, am working everyday and weekends full-steam on it. Editing in Final Cut Pro to assemble the clips together, trying to fix noisy soundtracks, crafting an interesting story to tell to natural wine fans and all of you foodies. A lot of work has been done since we started in October last year. You’re probably wondering: how has he managed to live in San Francisco with no salary for almost half a year now?

Well, we raised 1020$ with our kickstarter campaign, but the vast majority of expenses were paid with our own savings, which have become quite thin by now. But we believe the film has potential, since we feel we have the necessary footage to make a good portrait of the natural wine world in California.

In order to continue to work on the project for a couple more months, I am willing to borrow some money as well as politely ask for your generosity during our forthcoming fundraising event.

Fundraising @ Heart on Feb 22

  • where: Heart, in the Mission District in San Francisco.
  • when: between 6pm and 10pm
  • I will present a video made especially for the event @ 8pm
  • suggested entrance fee: 10$ (which will go entirely to the project)
  • there will also be donation boxes, if you feel the urge to be generous!
  • Hank Beckmeyer from LaClarineFarm will be there pouring his wine!
  • Jared Brandt from Donkey And Goat will be there pouring his wine!
  • Steve Edmunds from Edmunds St. John will be there pouring his wine!
  • Darek Trowbridge from Old World Winery will be there pouring his wine!
  • Hardy Wallace from the NPA will be there pouring NPA wine!

I would be both thankful and honored to see you there. Bring friends, and come to see some footage from the forthcoming film, hear the latest news about the project, and enjoy a glass of natural wine poured by the winemakers or from Heart’s nice selection.

Thanks in advance!

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2 Responses to Fundraising @ Heart

  1. David J says:

    WOW– star-studded, as they say in H’wood– wish I could be there- success, have a great time, special greets to Steve Edmunds desde Puerto Rico!

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