Natural winemakers: empirical and avant-gardist

I’ve been reading about and exploring natural wine for about half a year now. With modesty, I can say that I know the spiel by now. Today I read an article from Shea Coulson which resonated with me. The kind of article which succinctly sums up many of our natural winemakers interviews, as well as many good articles I read in the past. With a touch of poetic wisdom on top.

Here is, I think, something of value:

If we do very little to the grapes, then we can see their potential more clearly. It is for this reason, I believe, that most of the best naturalists are actually incredibly empirical. They test and experiment and take risks in order to discover potentials in their grapes that no one else has discovered. It is for this reason I believe that naturalists could end up being the most important forward thinkers in wine: they believe in their subject and they want it to teach them rather than for them to dominate and control it. This is a radical shift away from current wine making practices. Are the results perfect? Not at all. But they are almost always interesting and the best are constantly progressing and learning with each vintage. This is why we can’t define natural wines: they have not yet defined themselves.

How about that?

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