Screening in Los Angeles

Here comes the second screening of the film, and it will happen downtown Los Angeles! Lots of people on twitter, by email, and in person, have asked me when the film would find its way to South California, so this is it!

Immediately following the screening, there will be a Q&A with the lead filmmaker. I’ll take all your questions! And around 9pm, you are all welcome to party with us at BUZZ Wine Shop, a recently-opened natural wine bar, 2 blocks from the theatre. Get this: you will have the chance to taste the wines from all the winemakers in the film! That’s where your 5$-tasting ticket will come into play.

Buy your ticket now, spread the word, save the date – September 22 – and get ready for an evening filled with fun, entertainment, wine and friends! Santé!

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1 Response to Screening in Los Angeles

  1. Rachel says:

    Wow, wish I would have gotten this before Sept 22 instead of October 4!

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