Wine From Here Shown at the Artisan Wine Fair (RAW)

I am thrilled to announce that Wine From Here will be presented in London at RAW – an independent fair showcasing fine natural wines of terroir – on May 20-21.

This extraordinaire reunion is organized by Isabelle Legeron (that crazy French women), an adventurous award-winning wine expert. She wants to have another successful vintage after last year’s Natural Wine Fair.

Her words about RAW’s mission this year:

my aim is to help people think about what they drink and promote transparency in the wine world in order to support the art of authentic wine production.

Which wines will be presented you ask? Well, I would summarize it with one word. The wine has to be authentic. Specifically, it will have to qualify for Isabelle’s strict Charter of Quality. No surprise that Isabelle’s criteria echo the criteria from the French Scout, Jenny & François, and indeed those put forward by the 10 California winemakers featured in Wine From Here. No less than 180 wine growers will be presenting their wines!

Coming back to RAW’s pop-up cinema, apart from Wine From Here, 4 other films will be shown. If you are interested in independent filmmaking on the topic of natural wine, this is a great selection.

See you there!

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