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Saturday night @ Nopa

We went to the Nopa restaurant for the first time yesterday. And it was amazing. The place is decorated simply and tastefully, with a casual bar area slightly separate from the dining area. There’s a big communal table for socially-inclined … Continue reading

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A definition of natural wine in the field

Time for a pit stop We are now at a point where we have accumulated some baggage about natural wine. We researched the topic quite a bit and interviewed lots of people. Including 8 natural winemakers. To each one, we … Continue reading

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Taking a stance on biodynamics

During our research phase, we quickly stumbled upon biodynamics. There are many California natural wine producers who claim to use some biodynamic techniques, or who are even certified by Demeter, the international certification body for biodynamic agriculture. Here is a … Continue reading

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Natural Wine is a Halloween Costume

Martin and I were walking the streets of Berkeley on the night of Halloween. We were not trying to scare the kids from behind the bushes, we were just coming back from the wineries we had gone to that day. … Continue reading

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Natural Wine at Palate Press

Remy Charest’s latest article on palate press was quite interesting to us as it brings together a lot of the sources we’ve been reading in recent weeks. Among many other things, Remy talks about the different definitions of natural wine. … Continue reading

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Wine Chemistry 101 on Sulfur

On Cory Cartwright’s blog, as a part of his “31 days of natural wine” series, the Bay area chemist Arjun Mendiratta has written an entertaining and dense post on sulfur. Here are important points we want to remember from his post: SO2 … Continue reading

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Wine Labels

It’s hard for me not to agree with this article about labels on wine bottles. Transparency is a good thing. If consumers knew what goes into most of the bottles they buy, they might opt for more natural wine.

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