Disappointing Night @ Amelie

RDV in Embarcadero quarters tonight. We were excited to try Amelie, this French-staffed joint, but we were disappointed by a bunch of details.


Amelie's door entrance

Amelie's door entrance


We got our tastings in small and clunky table glasses, certainly not made for tasting, which made it very hard to swirl the wine in order to allow it to breathe.

And let’s be fair: the food was good. We had 3 different cheeses with warm bread. Seems like Amelie couldn’t get it right though: 1 of the 3 cheeses was not the one we ordered.

Chard. Baileyana, Edna Valley, 2007 (white)

  • waterish, too light, without personality
  • 2/5

Amelie, Malbec, Beaucanon Estate, Napa Valley, 2005 (red)

  • pepper, hot chili, grapes, alcohol
  • lacks the roundness you would expect for a Malbec of this age
  • 2/5

Cab. Sauv. + Syrah, OPC Buoncristiani proprietary, Napa Valley, 2006 (red)

  • impossible to say anything because it was oxydated, probably because the wine had remained in the open bottle for too long
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