Plenty of Natural Wines @ Heart

Wine tasting tonight was at Heart, in the Mission District, SF. Really nice joint. Modern but casual. Check out the pictures on their website: they are representative of the place!


Mason jars for wine tasting @ Heart, SF


De Moor, Bourgogne Chitry, Chard., 2007 (white)

  • very light, shy, herbaceous, acid.
  • 2/5

Valli Unite brut & beast frizzante, 2008 (white)

  • light, hay, acid
  • 3/5

Valli Unite Bianchino (white)

  • delicious ripe apricot on the nose
  • herbaceous, bitter, acid
  • 3/5

Bregeon Muscadet Reserve sur Lie, 2002 (white)

  • Pear on the nose, acid in the mouth
  • 3/5

Occhipinti SP68, 2009 (red)

  • nose: velvet, warm and strawberry
  • mouth: delicious and surprising. Full of fruit. Enjoyable!
  • 4/5

Paolo Bea San Valentino Umbria Rosso, 2006 (red)

  • Medium-bodied, light in texture, hay, taste of rice
  • 3/5

Chateau Bellevue Lussac St-Emilion (red)

  • Strawberry, tannic.
  • 3/5
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