Feeling at Home @ the Local Mission Eatery

Another splendid evening, at the Local Mission Eatery. This venue is charming, modest, and food is exceptional. If this was home, we’d be in heaven.


Chilling @ the Local Mission Eatery, SF

Chilling @ the Local Mission Eatery, SF


Marc Olivier, Muscadet, Loire, 2009 (white)

  • fresh, a tad of lemon, acid, very enjoyable
  • 3/5

Valli Unite, Bianchino, Cortese, Piedmont, 2009 (white)

  • color: yellow
  • cheese on the nose
  • long finish, with some cereal at the very end
  • 3/5 (strong)

Paul Mathew, Pinot Noir, Dry Creek, 2008 (red)

  • alcohol on the nose
  • sweet red berries, alcohol, nice typical pinot noir flavors
  • 3/5

Indica, Mendocino, 2008 (red)

  • very closed, only a whiff of alcohol on the nose
  • nothing serious to detect, dull wine, totally disappointing
  • 1/5 , eh. Next!

Broc cellars, Syrah, Bennet Valley, 2006 (red)

  • rubber, tomato, pepper on the nose
  • tannins, bitterness on the finish
  • 3/5

Schlumberger, Merlot, Dry Creek, 2006 (red)

  • sniff of alcohol, lots of substance, tannins
  • if you can disregard the alcohol (which is too strong), then it feels like you are chewing on the grape must, which is really enjoyable!
  • 3/5
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