A visit to NPA

Santa Rosa. Friday early morning. Knocking on the door of NPA, the cool crew handing out wine in reusable klean kanteen bottles. We’re a little anxious because we feel those guys are especially relevant for our documentary.

We met Kevin Kelley (NPA’s founder and top dog) and Hardy Wallace (NPA’s joyal ambassador), talked a bit, before starting a quick tour of the premises. We introduced our project, things became clearer. They seemed to get it.

They offered us to do the interview on the first floor, because there’s more space, less noise. Bonus: those guys are into photography as well, so they even provided us with a spot light for improving the lighting for the interview. We asked Kevin questions about his philosophy and the reasons why he makes the wine the way he does. Good interview.

Then Hardy took us on a tour in the cellar, where he generously hopped from barrel to barrel, thiefing juice in our glasses and explaining genially why each wine was the best wine ever. A highlight of the tour was the pinot gris 2010. We thought it was amazing. Better than the 2009, with less nail polish and more nuts. Plus, they are still holding on to three barrels of Chardonnay 2009 still sitting on lees, the depth of which blew us away.

Hardy Wallace from NPA

Hardy Wallace from NPA

Before delving into something else, we were offered to stay for lunch — and what a tasty lunch that was! A couple of blind tastings followed, trying to figure out what the wine is and where it is from.

All in all, our NPA stop was a success. We talked about terroir, mother nature, while collecting quality footage. Big thanks to Kevin, Hardy and the crew!

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