Spending money @ BarBambino

Yesterday night was at BarBambino, another restaurant which participated in the natural wine week. Located on the 16th, near Mission St., this place was modern, Italian, clean and classy, in a neighborhood which does not afford that same description. Bonus: it was really close to our own place.

When I say close, I mean that I could connect my iPhone to our home wifi with a reception of 3 out of 3 bars. Easy to picture ourselves having a snack at this place now and then, if it weren’t that pricey. For instance, Matt paid 16$ to receive 7 small pieces of ravioli in the middle of a large immaculate plate. They wanted to make sure we would take a dessert we thought. But hey, was it good? It sure was. And so was my hot fudge brownie, with some attention to details: it had 2 strings of fudge arranged to mimic the strings on a small squared Christmas box of ice cream.

All in all, that BarBambino turned out as a good venue to discuss the documentary story line over a nice dinner with some new wine. Matt and I had been working during the afternoon, separately, on a draft for what would be the content of our documentary. So we cheered, exchanged ideas, talked about some scenes we shot, relevant responses from the people we interviewed. In other words, we kind of built the road on which our story will drive on.

We ended up with a mental merge of the two scenarios, which we will write down probably today — and take the opportunity to update our outdated About page with a proper synopsis.

Here are the wines we had:

Domaine LaFleur, Savagnin, 2008 (white)

  • hay, herbaceous, barn
  • very nice silk texture, full of apples on the finish, fresh
  • 4/5. A pleasure! (disclaimer: I’m a fan of that varietal, so typical from Jura!)

San Fereolo Valdiba, Dolcetto di Dogliani, Piedmont, 2007 (red)

  • biodynamic farming
  • aromas of rubber and rubber alcohol, which is unpleasant
  • unbalanced, tannins apart, simplistic, diluted
  • 2/5. A 10$-glass which we finished but really, just to be polite
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