A visit to A Donkey and Goat

Last Sunday we headed out to Berkeley to visit the A Donkey and Goat winery. We had heard good things about these guys so we were quite happy to finally meet them. The Donkey and Goat is owned by Jared and Tracey Brandt. Their manifesto on winemaking is a beautiful read, and that was the best proof for us that they fit into our project.

We got there around 10 am. The winery had a moderately slow day, pressing some Chardonnay and Grenache. Jared Brandt showed us around and filled us in on what he and the two interns were up to. We tasted some good wine mid-fermentation and took loads of pictures.

Then Jared sat down to interview for us and we think we got some good footage. At this point, our questions are getting more specific with the aim of plugging holes in the overall message that we want to convey in our documentary. We’re definitely out of the research phase and getting more and more into the storytelling phase now.

The day went very well. Many thanks to Jared and Tracey.

Also, Martin will actually join the Donkey and Goat crew for some early-morning picking on Tuesday. They will be headed to North West Sonoma, near Mendocino. I can’t wait to see the footage from that!

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