Special screening & tasting

I am very proud to announce that the documentary film is now ready to be shown to the public! And what better context than to show it during San Francisco’s Natural Wine Week at the end of August!

After the film screening, there will be a Q&A with the filmmakers and the winemakers from the film who will be present in the audience. We’ll take all your questions! And around 9pm, you are all welcome to party with us at Heart, the coolest natural wine bar, just a few blocks down, on Valencia Street. You will be able to meet and talk to most of the winemakers in the film… and have the opportunity to taste their wine! That’s where your 5$-tasting ticket will come into play.

Buy your ticket now, spread the word, save the date – August 25 – and get ready for an evening filled with fun, entertainment, wine and friends! 🙂

Now official:

  • Darek Trowbridge (Old World Winery) will be pouring his wine @ Heart!
  • Gideon Beinstock (Clos Saron) will be pouring his wine @ Heart!
  • Hank Beckmeyer (La Clarine Farm) will be pouring his wine @ Heart!
  • Kevin Kelley (NPA) will be pouring his wine @ Heart!
  • Mike Dashe (Dashe Cellars) will be pouring his wine @ Heart!
  • Steve Edmunds (Edmunds St. John) will be pouring his wine @ Heart!
  • Tony Coturri (Coturri Winery) will be pouring his wine @ Heart!
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7 Responses to Special screening & tasting

  1. I am super looking forward to your films. As a documentary filmmaker focused now on organically grown wines (over at http://www.winecountrygeographic.com – I write about organically grown wines) I am so happy to see some of my favorite folks in the film. However, I am mystified as to why the post film tasting would take place at a wine bar that has done so little (as most of our hip, terroirist wine bars) for the people and wines from HERE. They are just focused on French and other European natural wines. I am glad they’ll be serving the local wines at this event, but doesn’t it seem strange to you that they usually DON’T serve these wines? I am also mystified as to why the natural wine movement here pays so little attention to certified organic grapes and wineries. This is very important.

  2. Martin Carel says:

    Thanks for your comment Pam. But I want to highlight that Heart, one of my favorite natural wine bars in San Francisco, has carried several natural wines from California (e.g. La Clarine, Clos Saron and Broc Cellars). Jeff Segal, Heart’s founder, is a friend of mine and one of the organizers of the third edition of San Francisco’s Natural Wine Week. In other words, Heart was the perfect venue to celebrate an important milestone of a project I have been working on for almost a year of my life!

    I think you should come and party with us on August 25!

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  4. Yes I will definitely be there! I am happy to hear about your film, but I am still mystified as to why the “natural” wine making movement does not embrace organic certification. It’s really important, it’s super cheap, and I don’t see the reasons for not getting certified.

  5. Just to clarify, none of the wineries you’ve just mentioned use certified grapes or are made in certified wineries.

  6. And there are lots of natural winemakers who ARE organic – like almost all the biodynamic wineries.

  7. I plan to pour our Clos Saron wines at Heart as well.

    In relation to organic and/or biodynamic certification – for us the question is why do it? These are organizations with their own rules (created by whom? how objective?), agenda, interests, in short – politics. I do not mean in any way that they are “evil”, and yet I ask what would adhering to any such set of rules (simply in order to get a certification) add to the well being, health, and integrity of my land, wine, farming, my life? I have more respect and valuation for people who work their land following their own observations, experience, conscience, and hearts than to any organization, group philosophy, pre-determined rules, or religion, no matter how well intended.

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