Wine From Here shown at BriarPatch Coop this Friday

Are you lucky enough to be near Nevada County this Friday? Do you fancy a road trip in the Sierra Foothills? Well, you should, because Wine From Here will be shown there, this Friday!

And the event will have a very local aspect to it: 2 out of the 10 winemakers featured in the film are located in this region:

Here is the event poster (taken from their announcement):

A few words about BriarPatch Coop (taken from their website):

BriarPatch Co-op is the leading natural food store in Nevada County. We are a vibrant, important community hub for gathering and for dialogue and learning about healthful food.

We seek to be a leader in social, environmental, as well as fiscal business responsibility, among both local businesses and food co-ops nationally.

We model community-mindedness and cooperative principles, and hope to inspire others to do the same, and in so doing, contribute to peace and prosperity for all within our reach.

Enjoy the show!

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