Wine From Here to be presented at UC Davis conf

UPDATE: the UC Davis conference about terroir has been postponed to November 2012.

I have the great pleasure to announce that Wine From Here will be shown during Terroir 2012: It’s Not Just About Wine, a UC Davis conference precisely about the central topic of the film: the notion of “terroir”. I will be there introducing the film, showing the film and exchanging with the crowd afterward.

From the conference’s website:

The term “terroir” refers to the somewhat mystical relationship between the land on which grapes are grown and the wine produced from those grapes. However, the concept of terroir can be applied not only to wine but to many other foods that we hold dear and commonly consume.

The agenda is packed for 3 days of stimulating speakers and ideas. Presentation topics include the notion of terroir for chocolate, cheese, salt, honey, oysters, truffles, as well as tea. Elbow nudge: the presentation about tea will be given by Kevin Gascoyne from Camellia Sinensis, by far my favorite tea provider here in Montreal. Additionally, other presentations will address the definition of terroir (of course!), its regulation and its marketing aspect.

All in all, it will be a comprehensive and educated reflection about terroir, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Here is the conference’s flier:

See you there at the beginning of May!

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