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Tasting @ Punchdown Natural Wine Bar

Last night was a successful Tuesday Tasty Tasting (TTT) in Oakland for me and a few other natural wine twitterers, organized by David (@100aocs). We all gathered around a few tables at The Punchdown, a natural wine bar in Oakland which … Continue reading

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A visit to Dashe Cellars

A few days ago I visited Michael Dashe from Dashe Cellars. We had plans to have the interview in the middle of their wonderful Louvau vineyard in Dry Creek, but unfortunately, it was raining by the time we got there. … Continue reading

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Natural winemakers: empirical and avant-gardist

I’ve been reading about and exploring natural wine for about half a year now. With modesty, I can say that I know the spiel by now. Today I read an article from Shea Coulson which resonated with me. The kind of article … Continue reading

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Legal additives to wine according to the TTB

A key point in natural wine is to avoid adding stuff to the wine during the process of making it. Many winemakers told me that they did not add anything to their wine. In other words, if they had an … Continue reading

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A visit to Coturri Winery

Last weekend I visited Tony Coturri from Coturri Winery, in Glen Ellen, just East of Santa Rosa. Two minutes after my arrival on top of his hill, I had a glass in hand and I was tasting a handful of … Continue reading

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Real wines and friends @ Heart

Last night was packed with real wines and friends @ Heart. 5 wineries (La Clarine Farm, Donkey & Goat, Edmunds St. John, Old World Winery, NPA) were there pouring their wines. Real wines. I had prepared a short video beginning … Continue reading

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Fundraising @ Heart

As you probably know, the film is currently in post-production. I, Martin, am working everyday and weekends full-steam on it. Editing in Final Cut Pro to assemble the clips together, trying to fix noisy soundtracks, crafting an interesting story to tell … Continue reading

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Blind tasting shooting @ Terroir

Last Saturday was most probably our last day of shooting, but certainly not the least! We organized a blind tasting at Terroir in San Francisco. We thought it would be an interesting framework to talk about natural wine and figure … Continue reading

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Don Heistuman’s inspiration for his Bebame

Last Tuesday I attended a 2-hour wine workshop from 18reasons. It turned out to be a pretty decent night. The purpose of the event was for Don Heistuman to introduce us to some of the wines which inspired him to … Continue reading

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A visit to Old World Winery

Before Christmas, I visited Darek Trowbridge at Old World Winery in Fulton, next to Santa Rosa in the Russian River Valley AVA. Despite the capricious, cloudy and rainy weather, I had a good time discussing with an easy-going winemaker who … Continue reading

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