Educative Natural Wine Tasting @ Barbacco

What a night! 9 incredible wine tastings tonight @ Barbacco! Charming and very knowledgeable Gretchen was very generous of her time and gave us valuable wine descriptions. She even gave us 2 free tastings from Oregon!


2 whites, 2 oranges lined up @ Barbacco, SF

2 white, 2 orange lined up @ Barbacco, SF


Poco a Poco, Chard., Mendocino, 2009 (white)

  • Demeter-certified
  • pale orange color
  • non-filtered, and we could see some particles
  • apple, melon on the nose
  • full-bodied, present, round, filling, very enjoyable
  • 4/5

Scholium Project, Verdelho, Chalk Hill region, Marcher sur la Lune, 2008 (white)

  • butter scotch, very round, little acidity
  • caramel, sugar, oaky, creamy
  • 4/5

NPA, Pinot Gris, Chalk Hill, 2009 (orange)

  • glue, alcohol, melon, strawberry
  • acid, yeast, filling, twizzler
  • 3/5 strong

NPA, Sauv. Blanc, Chalk Hill (orange)

  • strong litchi, melon, grandma’s hard candy
  • papaya, five alive juice, grapefruit, peach
  • peach notes on the finish
  • 3/5 strong

Peter Paul, Pinot Noir, Russian River, 2008 (red)

  • raspberry, red berries
  • wonderful bitterness on mid-palate
  • fill the mouth with flavor, not so long, and extremely interesting!
  • 4/5 (strong)

NPA, blend, Mendocino, 2009 (red)

  • strong cassis, blackberries, strong glue on the nose
  • not mature yet, tannic but nothing else, prompt, glue
  • 2/5

Poco a Poco, zinfandel, Russian River, 2008 (red)

  • close to a typical Pinot Noir on the nose, red berries
  • short, no tannins, very closed
  • 2/5

Cowhorn, Grenache 74, Applegate Valley, OR, 2008 (red)

  • raspberry, little glue
  • “Raspberry juice for adults”, tannic
  • Concentrate of grapes, with no complexity
  • Mart: 3/5, Matt: 4/5

Cowhorn, Spiral 36, Applegate Valley, OR (red)

  • Demeter-certified
  • apple, herbaceous
  • very very acid, melon
  • 3/5
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