A visit to Broc Cellars

Right after the Donkey and Goat winery, we went to see Chris Brockway, the man behind the one-man operation at Broc Cellars.

Chris was really nice and came off as really committed to his wines. We tasted some of his skin-fermented Roussanne as well as a white blend of Chard/Roussanne/Picpoul.

He was pumping some juice into barrels so we got a few pictures of that. Then we interviewed him just outside the winery, with barrels in the background. Good wines, good answers, good footage. Thanks very much indeed.

We left with two bottles that we are itching to open up… Martin has been raving about the Carignan (made with carbonic maceration) ever since he had his first taste of it at Arlequin Wine Merchant.

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